Marlene Kunst


Marlene Kunst studied Communication Science (B.A.) at the University of Passau and Political Communication (M.A.) at the Freie Universität Berlin, with exchange semesters at the University of Oslo and the George Washington University. Subsequently, she worked as a research associate and lecturer at the Division for Media Use Research at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies (FU Berlin).

Her research interests are political communication and participation as well as media effects in the digital public sphere. At the Weizenbaum Institute she focuses on the influence of civic attitudes and social norms on behavioural responses to content that is perceived as threatening in online discussions.




Freie Universität Berlin (FU)

Emmer, M. & Kunst, M.* (accepted): „Digital Citizenship” Revisited – the Impact of ICTs on Citizens’ Political Communication beyond the Western State. International Journal of Communication. *authors contributed equally to this paper

Emmer, M.; Richter, C. & Kunst, M. (2016): Flucht 2.0. Mediennutzung durch Flüchtlinge vor, während und nach der Flucht. Forschungsbericht. Berlin: Freie Universität.

Richter, C., Kunst, M. & Emmer, M. (2016): Flucht 2.0 – Erfahrungen zur Befragung von Flüchtlingen zu ihrer mobilen Mediennutzung. Global Media Journal – German Edition, 6(1).

Kunst, M. (2014): The Link between ICT4D and Modernization Theory. Graduate Section, Global Media Journal – German Edition, 4(2).


Conference Papers

Porten-Cheé, P. & Kunst, M. (accepted). Conceptualizing emergent citizenship norms as drivers of user interventions in disrupted online discussions. The Deliberative Quality of Communication Conference. November 8 to 9, Mannheim.

Kunst, M., Emmer, M., & Richter, C. (2018, May): Global Digital Communication Meets Global Forced Migration. How refugees use digital media in preparation of and during their flight. 68th ICA Annual Conference, Prague.

Kunst, M., Emmer. M, Amoakohene, M. & Obonyo, L. (2016, October) “Mobile Digital Citizenship” beyond the Western State – A Comparison between Germany, Ghana and Kenya. ICA Regional Conference, Nairobi.

Kunst, M., Emmer, M. & Richter, C. (2016, November). Smartphone Use of Refugees Before, During and After the Escape. ECREA pre-conference “Media and Migration, Prague.

Emmer, M., & Kunst, M. (2016, June). “Digital Citizenship” Revisited – the Impact of ICTs on Citizens’ Political Communication beyond the Western State, 66th ICA Annual Conference, Fukuoka.

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